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This is my story and I’m happy to share with you that you are just arrived on my website. You know, I’m writing for you, because just with the time I understood the importance of SHARE.

I’ve learned that it can help a lot of people, unconsciously at the beginning; I’ve learned that to share makes you responsible of the message that you want to throw; to do it you need to concentrate, think, reflect and fully understand your soul to bring back her fragments on paper.

I want to tell you how I came to the importance of sharing, my path in continuous evolution.

I especially want to tell you that I never thought I would want to share my thoughts with online users, that become so intimate and deep when I write, and especially my story. But.. what pushed me to do that, was how I felt when I first read other people’s emotions, when I found myself there and I thought “I don’t believe it, it happened to him/her too!”

I’m very young, I’m 23 years old and I always liked to write; I started to do it a little by accident, creating conceptual maps, lists to remember appointments, texts to learn and memorize new things. I began to write my moods, from what made me feel good to what made me feel unsatisfied.

Writing I felt better, I could see what I had to start to change, what made me happy and what wasn’t!

And it was precisely at those times when I found refuge in writing that I understood its importance.

And as I read so many stories like mine, I understood the importance of sharing. I noticed that people felt less alone in doing so.

Personally, writing helps me to feel good with my soul and if this can be of help to someone else, as it was to me, I strongly believe that it would be a satisfaction towards humanity; that so often is scarce in today’s times.

How many times have you felt misunderstood?

How many times have you thought something could happen to you?

How many times have you thought that if you put yourself out of your mind, they’d think you were a fool?

Well, I’m here to keep you company in this thought of yours and try to change it together, telling you my story.

I’m happy to receive feedback of all kinds!

Thank you for reading my Bio and I hope you’ll be curious about my future articles! : )


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